K-Ground day 2

Our day started with a 2-hour session about Koran heritage, how South Korea contributed to the world in areas such as Astronomy and the vast history of the country. ⭐

Did you know, that South Korean astronomers, could measure summer and winter solstice, as well as correctly document Zodiac signs 2000 years ago, as accurately as we can do today with modern technology. 🌘🌗🌔🤓

We then had a very interesting talk about marketing and e-commerce in South Korea and the differences and challenges foreign brands meet, when entering the South Korean market. A great subject, where we learned a lot. The talk was done by the CEO of Asiance 🚀

Our last talk of the day, was from one of the VC company’s here in South Korea, who gave some very interesting insight into the VC ecosystem, as well as some of the governmental structure surrounding funding, from early stage til IPOs.💰💰

Random facts:
– There are currently 136 VC’s in South Korea
– They control an amount of around $24 billion¬†😮