K-Ground day 3

A chill day, where we still got some very interesting information.

We started the day out hearing a talk from SparkLabs a startup accelerator, an awesome 3 month accelerator program. 🎉🚀

Our second talk was about how it is to work and be in the startup environment, as a foreigner and all the challenges that comes with that, for good and the bad. 💪

Lastly, we heard about Korean law, requirements, labor law, IP law and all the other good stuff, you need to know if you want to startup in South Korea. 🤓🏛️📕

Towards the evening, we finished our Pitch Deck that has to be used for the K-ground demoday as well as the Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs on October 1st. The Pitch for Citypreneurs, is now locked in and we can’t make any further changes to it, so it’s soon game time!

We’ll share more info about both K-Ground demoday and the Citypreneurs event, when we get closer. 🚀🚀👍