Citypreneurs final 2019

24 startups and 6 scaleups pitched in groups of 10, divided on the SDG themes. We unfortunately didn’t go through to the top10, just 5 startups where picked, as well as 5 scaleups.

However we are still very happy and honored, to have been chosen to be among the top30 and join the Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs family, being the only Danish startup at the event. ❤️

There were many awesome ideas, such as a innovative lifevest and air purifying system for laboratories. 🎽🏢

So many great people, on a common mission to make the world more sustainable and together for a better future. 🌎❤️ It’s clear that you can implement the SDGs into your business strategy and still have a sustainable and cash positive business. 👍💚